About Us


About Us Gig Harbor Film Festival

“As an advocate of celebrating an intelligent range of films from some of the most talented, creative, and driven cinematic storytellers, the 2017 Gig Harbor Film Festival will bring the town alive with inspiration and passionate debate. We will showcase documentary and fiction films that not only entertain but also respond to contemporary concerns and social issues.

This three day event will entertain and provoke lively discussions with our local audience about how our times affect our lives. There are powerful opportunities to contribute to our communities when seen through the lens of possibility, intimacy, depth and innovation so come join us and be inspired!”

Our Goal
The GHFF Board proposed to undertake the annual film festival in Gig Harbor, with its inaugural event in September 2008.

The festival included local, regional and international filmmakers to advance a variety of creative ideas and bring the community a diverse range of appealing films, giving aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to present their efforts to a sophisticated audience and gain recognition beyond the local level.

Benefits of the Gig Harbor Film Festival

  • A community-involved tradition
  • Tourism opportunities
  • Advance the reputation of Gig Harbor as a cultural icon
  • Educate the community and youth in film-related workshops and seminars


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